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Online marketing is called marketing activities conducted through digital platforms. Online marketing is not only limited to advertising but also includes brand awareness, search engine optimisation, communication, customer service and sales.

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SEO & Online Marketing. SEO is the most crucial part of online marketing. But lets first define what is online marketing.

Online marketing is called marketing activities conducted through digital platforms. Online marketing is not only limited to advertising but also includes brand awareness, search engine optimisation, communication, customer service and sales. Online marketing, although similar to traditional marketing methods, is a field that requires many different methodologies and expertise.

Online marketing is, according to sometimes, an advertisement until it turns into a sale. However, keeping the winning customers and generating new sales is also an important activity within marketing. Measuring customer satisfaction, remembering customers by sending emails during holidays or on important days, promoting and advertising using social media, and increasing brand awareness are tools of online marketing.

Although some companies use these tools in some way, they have difficulty in making measurements. The biggest reason for this is that technology does not dominate. For example, many companies that advertise on Google Adwords do not know how to target sales up to sales. Alternatively, e-mail marketing cannot measure how many outgoing e-mails read. Large e-commerce sites are well-versed in these issues, but small companies are unfortunately far from the technology used for online marketing.

Here are some Tips for Google AdWords Campaign Optimization


Many techniques used for online marketing are useful if accurate analysis and improvements are made. Understanding why users coming to the page through advertising are not going to sell, reaching out to potential customers via email or phone, giving promotions to salespeople, measuring their success, and lowering their advertising costs as much as possible is a matter for online marketing experts to be aware of.

Depending on the development of technology, there is no chance of change in advertising understanding in the marketing world. Factors such as net metering, turnaround and traffic, which can be reached in the next generation marketing, where the internet is centralised, make online marketing more preferable than other channels. However, if effective strategies not created, digital marketing solutions cannot create the expected effect. Five online marketing strategies that are especially key to startups are helping your company plan for the digital age. Now let’s take a closer look at these strategies.



SEO is a long-term investment, especially for websites that sell online. The fact that products, content, and category pages appear in the top positions in search engines means getting traffic without advertising. The increase in brand awareness through SEO, Search Engine Optimization studies, increases in organic traffic and increases in conversion to sales. Also, sitemaps prepared content and modified and forwarded addresses help customers navigate the site much more easily, receive information, and effortlessly visit pages about the title they are looking for. Not just as in the commercial, but in the long run and with more lasting consequences, search engine optimisation succeeds as a result of the collaboration of software, content and SEO experts. Off-site work such as Backlink can also help boost site search rankings by increasing SEO productivity.

Which Part of SEO is Important



In offline marketing, every medium is related to each other, but all the concepts mentioned in the online world meet you in an intricate relationship. Those who want to succeed in digital marketing should have at least information about concepts such as SEM, AdWords, SEO. While it is ruleable to “leave it to the business professional”, investors must be open to new formulas that are not so accustomed to traditional marketing. Content marketing solutions that will increase site traffic by publishing content on a continuous basis are considered indispensable for next-generation marketing. Many will not be as instant as ads, but the content that slowly makes an impact on the SEO effect will be the secret of the brand’s long-term success.



Only ten years ago, Facebook, which entered our life as an entertainment area, is now used as work channel. There are many different platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest among social media marketing tools. You have to realise that the social media that creates the communication field with the consumer of the brand and plays a vital role in the creation of the brand identity is your visible face. In the social media, you should share not only information, but also interact with entertaining and creative content, and you must know that these events are a serious source of traffic. The fact that customer support teams are in constant contact with the customer in social media will increase the consumer’s interaction with the brand. The internalisation of the corporate language by the customer and the strengthening of the brand and customer relationship will also facilitate through social media.



You can send regular e-mails to your customers to remind yourself, direct the consumer to buy, or reinforce your brand identity. Details such as e-mails’ contents, designs or posting times should be determined and implemented by professionals in this field. Reporting e-mail performances, measuring performance with A / B tests, making accurate analyses of customer profiles and expectations is the secret of success in the digital world. For analysis, you can proceed with the help of experts; you can use special software for data storage, sorting and classification. After making the distinctions you have made, you can prepare special campaigns for the target group you set via the programs, and you can only send the message to this group. You can remind customers of previous orders and prepare surprises, further strengthening the creative relationship between brand and customer.