Secrets to building a strong brand identity that makes you apart.

Even the best products may not get proper exposure to their market if the branding and marketing strategy is not up to standards. Building a strong brand foundation is a vital part of growing a business. Whether you have a startup which is about to

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Even the best products may not get proper exposure to their market if the branding and marketing strategy is not up to standards. Building a strong brand foundation is a vital part of growing a business. Whether you have a startup which is about to launch its first product or the company established for years, it can quickly become just another face among all other companies if it doesn’t have a distinct personality to make you apart from your competitors. Finding your brand’s identity allows your product or service to resonate with your target audience. Here are some tips to create a strong brand identity and a lasting impression amongst prospective customers:


Highlight your company`s mission

Go beyond what you do, and answer, “Why?”. Distinguish the goal you work to achieve for your company. Your brand needs to match your company’s purpose from the initial stages. Brand authenticity is an essential element in gaining a positive reaction from your customers.


Find what sets you apart

There is the component of your business known as your unique selling point (USP) which makes you stand out from competitors. A USP can include the best product, the lowest prices or reliable customer service. Having a USP opens the way for creating a brand identity delivering a targeted message to your intended market.


Identify and understand your target audience

The most significant part of the branding process is identifying your target audience. You can’t be everything to everyone, so prioritize who your business is aimed at serving and then adjust your brand accordingly.

When you determine your target audience, specific details matter. It is vital to know precisely who your audience is, so you can stand apart from your competitors, capture customers` attention, and offer them a personalized brand experience.

Determine your values

Companies often confuse values and mission, but there is a severe difference between the two. Your company mission should contain the reason for your company existence, but your values should include how your company promises to act. These values eventually create your company culture and define the standards that your company should follow.

To have genuinely strong values, it is critical not to “set it and forget it.”  Your values should guide your everyday actions and decisions; they should be engrained in all actions set by the company.

Consider your brand authenticity

“Actions speak louder than words.” – Achieving authenticity is as simple as this saying. If your company created a website and social media content, declaring its mission and values, but then didn`t put their words into action, it will be viewed as inauthentic. Being inauthentic can damage your brand.

Authenticity will be a part of your brand identity through the way you interact with customers and your community as a whole. Keep authenticity in mind when you review the remaining steps as what you say you will do matters.

Brand Name

The name of our company is one of the most important aspects to affect your brand’s image. There are a few possible options: It can express what your business does, like J & R Law Firm; incorporate your name, like Paul Mitchell; or intrigue consumers with its obscurity, like Uber. Either way, your brand name is what you will be known as for the duration of your company.



Be careful while designing your logo. It`s much more than just an image; it is the way people will see your brand for years to come. It is easy to mess up your logo or accidentally say something with your color and font choices that you weren’t aware of. Be careful with your logo, treat it as the powerful tool it is. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional web design help while creating this core component of your brand identity – the specialists will give you the right tips and save you from the headache of recreating a logo in future.

Color Scheme

A startup can create a brand identity that resonates with customers using a conscious color scheme. Your brand color subconsciously makes your customers feel certain things when they see it.

You can capitalize on web design color theory to establish your brand identity suitably. If you targeted content at a specific gender and failed to create a brand identity that was aimed at that group, it would only confuse your audience. Once you figured it out, it is important to be consistent across all of your branding and content.

Unique presence

If something worked for another business, it doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. The fastest way to fail is to mimic other prosperous operations, copying their layouts and creating similar content. Finding role models within your industry is natural, but it’s important to bring something new and define your brand identity according to your goals.

Now is the best time to create a brand the way you want by using branding that speaks to you instead of following pre-established norms. In today’s market, there are no norms and limits. Startups achieve better rates of success than ever before because consumers today need the unique feeling of a small business. Benefit from the current trends by following your intuition when it comes to brand imaging.


You can spend all the time developing your brand, but if you aren’t consistent in your actions or if your actions don’t match your mission, values, and voice, then you’ve only wasted your time.

Consistency is another key to the successful crafting of your brand’s image. Your brand’s identity can mislead customers and give them the impression that your company could change at any moment. This volatility is destroying for business because your clients want to feel assured in their investments. When you created a solid logo and brand image, stick with them. You may update your content according to trends, but it is essential to keep your core the same to build a loyal following.