Best low cost video marketing strategies for small businesses.

Instead of narrowing your status updates to text and photos, why not to include short catchy videos? This can help your customers and prospects spend more time with your brand and gain a greater understanding of your company.

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Instead of narrowing your status updates to text and photos, why not to include short catchy videos? This can help your customers and prospects spend more time with your brand and gain a greater understanding of your company.

Video creation isn’t what it used to be; now, you can use all kinds of video marketing tools to create videos from scratch. No need to invest in professional studios to film/edit your videos. If that were the case, most small businesses would be unable to develop a video marketing strategy, because it would be too expensive. Videos can only magnify what you are already doing in content marketing. No need in a fancy equipment or a videographer to benefit from this visual marketing tool.

There is always the option of working with a professional videographer but look at the most compelling content on YouTube. From college students to amateur tutors, it seems that anyone can communicate a compelling message, regardless of cost. More important than your production budget is a robust content marketing strategy. Below you can find the best low-cost video marketing strategies to use in your small business.


Hire freelancers

You should determine who will be responsible for creating videos, as well as for managing them after they are published, especially if they’re on platforms like YouTube. Establish who will create and maintain your video marketing strategy. Employing an in-house team of video marketing experts is not feasible for small businesses. If you are ready to take a more significant plunge into video marketing, hiring freelancers particularly one experienced with video, can help. Chances are they will already be well versed in video production – whether it is fancier videos or social media shorts on Snapchat.

Look for millennials or Gen Z students in their late teens and early twenties. They grew up with video, and many of them are studying it through film or media communications majors. They will love the experience, and you will save time and money. If you have a college or university nearby, contact their film/video department and see if they can recommend someone. Fortunately, with sites such as Fiverr and Upwork, you can also tap into the international labor market and find skilled freelancers to help you with every facet of your video marketing strategy.


Promotion strategy

Coming up with a solid promotion strategy is one of the best ways to get the most for your video marketing budget. The difference between your next hit and a complete fail can be in knowing how and where to promote your videos. While using videos to promote a new product or service having a strategy is one way to ensure the success of any business. With this strategy, it is possible to increase visibility and reach many people from a target audience with almost no cost at all.

You can optimize your video’s title for search within the platform, and combine them with unique video keywords like “tutorial” and “how to” that rank on Google’s first search page. YouTube is an excellent place to reach a large audience while dealing with a lot less competition for search rankings. A great YouTube promotion strategy, combined with purposeful guest blogging will make sure the right audience sees your video.




















Do video promotion on social media

Coming to video distribution, it`s important to cover as many platforms as possible. As long as the video was created, it can be placed on some great sites that promote brands and offer the chances to be seen by many people. Social media is a fabulous place to post your video content to further connect with customers and prospects alike. You can distribute your video content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Remember that at the end of the day, social media is also a powerful content curation tool.

If you post your video to all of your social media platforms, more people will view and share it, so do it repeatedly. Write an introduction to the video, so the audience knows what the video is about and stimulate their interest in watching it. Take into consideration that not everyone is going to see your video the first time you post it, so schedule several shares of it at different hours and on different days to maximize viewing.


Paid Facebook ads

To earn money you must spend money, online marketing is the same way. If you want to make a positive impact, you must spend some of your budgets on different types of paid ads. It can be frightening especially when your head is rotating with questions; how to get started, how much it costs, how to know if Facebook Ads or AdWords even work. Whether you undertake this yourself or hire someone else to help, it can be so worth it!

Facebook is one of the most used social media sites and information placed there can reach hundreds, even thousands of potential customers. Taking the video and posting it on Facebook will help members of the target audience see the video. When startup owners choose to post videos on Facebook, they are starting off on a high road to success; a Facebook video will boost visibility.

Why do I need to pay for Facebook Ads, you ask? Due to some Facebook trickery, unpaid views on Facebook posts may be as low as 1% of your audience. However, it doesn`t mean you need to spend a fortune on social media ads to keep up with your competitors. With a small PPC (pay per click) budget for social media advertising, you can start your marketing strategy and still reach thousands of people daily. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google offer PPC advertising for as low as $5. Use a cost calculator to check what you could get out of a small Facebook ads budget. If you are using AdWords, check whether it works.