Why Landing Page Speed Is Important For SEO

What is the Importance of Landing Page Briefly, we can say that they help increase your conversion rates. The landing page is a simple page visitors land on once they click a specific link. It is a page created to give a better description of a pro

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What is the Importance of Landing Page

Briefly, we can say that they help increase your conversion rates.

The landing page is a simple page visitors land on once they click a specific link. It is a page created to give a better description of a product or service with one main goal – to increase the conversion.

Some Benefits of Landing Pages

  • Landing Pages Can Grow Your Email List
  • Landing Pages Improve Brand Awareness
  • Landing Pages Directly Support Your Business Goals
  • Landing Pages Improve Paid Search Campaigns


Google’s PageSpeed Insights is an easy-to-use tool that tests whether a web page is slower than it should be. It scored over 100 to measure page performance. The PageSpeed Insights score is often used as a criterion for site performance because it is a concrete score for assessing the technical specifications for Faster Sites. Similar to PageRank years, everyone wants to optimize this optimally.

Landing Page and SEO Relationship

 The page that we encounter when we reach the site with ads and similar referrals is the landing page. The landing page often comes in the form of a registration page where we can sign up with our e-mail address or personal information and is often accessed via click-throughs.

Here are some tips to get the best result for SEO on a landing page that you created:

 Determine the most appropriate keywords for your page: In order to get the best traffic and the highest conversion rate from your page, it is not enough to rise up the right keywords. And you should work on the correct landing page. There may be many landing pages on your site. You should identify the most appropriate key for each keyword you want to be successful. For example, the landing page you choose for your basic keywords might be your home page. But in other cases, it is also possible to work with product pages, pages accessed via clicks.

Improve your content: You can measure whether the landing page content matches the visitor’s request by accessing traffic such as visitor traffic, time spent on the page, and so on. In addition, comments on social networking sites may also guide you in improving your content. You know that the first thing to do to improve the quality of your content is to choose compatible keywords. Also, throwing away unnecessary ads and content from your site will have positive results. Remember, you should make your own hand in order for the visitor to have a good experience and to be able to easily find what he or she is looking for when creating the page so that the search engines get the best view.

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Improve your website design: If you believe that you create your content well enough, the next step is to combine it with a user-friendly design. Enriching your content with visuals, short videos, or pictorial text provides a quicker and easier experience for the visitor.

 Diverse content according to visitors: The landing page should be shaped according to the awareness of the target group. Your navigational page, who knows your brand, who is a fan of your brand or who do not know your brand at all, approaches with different perspectives. So you have to create a landing page that can address all you need to do. Sometimes the visitor knows exactly what he is looking for and reaches the right page with the right keywords. But the target should not be limited to this extent.

 Conversion rate: To measure the yield you’ll receive from your page, you should look at the conversion rate of both your page and its associated pages. Your conversion rate is whether your page is performing the intended action. In other words, whether the visitor coming to the site has turned into a customer. You can also see unfamiliar developments by examining the conversion rate of the opening pages and the associated registration pages.

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Follow the changes on your pages: You have done what you have to do, the page you are targeting has taken its place in line with the keywords you have targeted. But as time goes on, you must follow the changes on the page to see how your page is doing. You will be guided by the changes in the criteria such as the number of visitors, the number of stoppers on the page, and the percentage of visitors who have been on the page for a short time.


All these things require some actual thought and testing before you’ll know what works specifically for your website. So make sure you put some thought into this and test different versions before deciding what to go with. If your business also in Los Angeles contact with WebZool Los Angeles.