How you can use competitive analysis to grow your customer base

Competition is a war, which you can overcome only through detailed research of your competitors, an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. To boost the customer base, you should know your indirect and direct opponents, understand what promotion

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Competition is a war, which you can overcome only through detailed research of your competitors, an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. To boost the customer base, you should know your indirect and direct opponents, understand what promotion channels and to what extent they use, what is the consumer audience target, and what is their price of goods similar to yours. This information will allow you to start a high quality, effective campaign. Competitive analysis will help you to develop a set of instructions to optimize and improve your product online. To accurately complete this task and control all its levels it is better to ask a professional SEO agency for the assistance.

What aspects of competitors can generally be analyzed?

I. Analyze websites of competitors: How they manage to attract a target audience. How they show themselves and what message relate to their target audience. Which “hooks” they practice in their stores, how they attract clients, and on which product advantages they try to direct the client’s attention. After that, ask yourself by drawing some conclusions. Answer honestly “Who wins the comparison?”;

II. Methods of search engine promotion: Where they set links and what sorts of relationships they place, which requests are used for advertising, and other significant details.

III. You can analyze the contextual advertisements of your competitors. You can follow this with the help of specialized services. They are pretty simple to use.

IV. It is also worth to discover the secrets of your competitors’ work: try sending them a request, make an order, and sign up for their mailouts. This will give you a chance to take a look at their analyze emails, email marketing, and content sent to their clients, and compare these findings with your strategy.

V. You have to get where your competitors place their promotional content and what it looks like. Such publications can be monitored using the contact information of the website, the company address or name.

Keeping a tight grip on the working process, analyzing marketing channels and websites of your competitors to contrast with your assets, you will be much better informed.

1. Competitive analysis: Tools and Methods

The web is a place with an incredibly intense competition, which is not limited by any barriers, difficulties, and distances. A few clicks make all gaps in the world useless. Each online project tries to attract potential customers and grow income. And to achieve this, you must be thoughtful in your actions. Which tools can be used to analyze competitors and the situation on the market? Which methods should be used? The market and competitive analysis should be finished and detailed, include pricing, SEO, advertising, and any other activities.

  • Competitor SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

The method estimates external and internal factors that immediately influence a product. These factors work in different directions, allowing to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product, predict the possibility of extension and development, evaluate existing threats and risks on the market. Such competitive analysis can be applied to the whole industry, individual competitors, niche, products, and many other structural elements. It allows to determine strategic and tactical planning tasks and make the required changes to the plan.

  • SPACE (Strategic Position and Action Evaluation) analysis.

It allows analyzing the financial capacity of the project and the benefits of the offered goods. A group of factors is used to determine a competitive position that can be conservative, defensive, or aggressive. The situation becomes evident when the market is weak.

  • PEST (Political, Economic, Social, Technological) analysis.

This is the most productive and efficient method to estimate the macro-environment of a company. It helps to determine market trends in the analyzed industry. The results of PEST analysis can be used during SWOT analysis to recognize opportunities and threats. This type of analysis is generally done for five years (for long-term strategic planning). Its data is undoubtedly updated on an annual basis.

  • Web analytics.

Third party services (such as or, which gather data on competitors, give information about the success of the promotional campaigns started by competitors, their activity in social media, the positions of their resources, etc.

  • Manual analysis.

Specialists of an SEO agency can manually check the essential parameters of competitive websites and their commercials. Relying on this information, they will give particular recommendations, which can help you to determine the main tasks of your project.

If you analyze your competitors’ actions and the moments of their work directly or indirectly affecting your business, you will get various advantages and will be able to establish your strategy better. This way, you may completely maintain the competitiveness of your web resource,  avoid serious mistakes, adjust your offers accordingly, promptly react to market changes.

2. Conversion Increase

Trusted Tips increase sales, increase income, attract more new clients – all these goals are achievable, mainly if you do not make mistakes that reduce turnover and do not put a spoke in your wheel. If you promptly react to customer requests, update information on availability and pricing of your goods,  and have no delivery problems our recommendations will help you to grow customer base and steadily expand their volume noticeably.

  • Thematic traffic increase and attractiveness of the main page.

It is essential to do a complete keywords research and accurately distribute keywords among the categories of the online store.

  • An appealing, user-friendly interface and fast page loading.

Without this, you will begin to lose your potential customers and can forget about the customer base increase. Users are excitable, and they are easily irritated by slow websites, unfamiliar page structure, and the abundance of unnecessary information.

  • Competitive pricing of products, which is frequently updated based on competitor price monitoring.
  • Orders without registration and a hotline.

Anxious potential clients may more likely become real customers if they can make an order as fast as possible. It’s recommended to place a simple phone number (in the international format) in an accessible area of the website so that customers could ask for help or order.

  • Advanced search.

Particularly in the case of large stores. Convenient and straightforward filters will help customers to organize a wide range of goods and find the necessary item. This may well lead to the boost in sales and grow customer base in the online store.

The ways mentioned above to attract and keep clients will help conversion of any store, yet the effectiveness of all of them, of course, depends on the characteristics of the target audience and the variety of the web resource. Only professionals with hands-on experience and high skills can ensure guaranteed conversion rate improvement.