Client: Gardenpro

Services Provided: Logo Design, Graphic Design

Business Type: Landscaping

Client Industry: Landscaping

Case Summary:

Family-owned Gardenpro Landscape Service Inc. is a Denmark-based provider of landscaping design and care services. The new company logo needed to be both classic and enduring, with logo colors and shapes that reference the land and nature.

The first version of the new branding, based on extensive customer research and in-depth interviews with the client, features a green and light grey color palette that evokes leaves and other natural elements. The linear shape of the logo is carried into the typography. Variations in line weight create a dynamic but understated look and feel.


The final logo design brings together a natural color palette of green with a simplified mascot that speaks to the client’s business focus. User and market research, and a close working relationship with the client, allowed the team to develop a strong, new brand identity for this family firm.















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