Client: Fixmecredit


Services Provided: Logo Design, Graphic Design

Business Type: Finance

Client Industry: Finance

Case Summary:

Fixmecredit needed to re-energize an industry-leading sales engagement platform and promote a company culture. In a saturated, jargon-filled market, it was our first challenge to give this work-hard/play-hard team a stand-out brand makeover. But the real challenge came in redesigning and developing a fluid website that could communicate how intuitive and rewarding their platform is to use — while capturing everything Fixmecredit offers.

The key was adaptability. We started by creating a fluid mark we named the "Credit" and designed an organic system around it that scaled well. We chose one extensive typeface family that could morph across brand applications to feel all-inclusive. The leading color, Passionate Green, formed the core of a lively primary palette. We derived inspiration for the secondary palette by taking a closer look at the Fixmecredit product, to best fit their needs while complementing the primary palette.



























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