Best “About Us” page ideas for small business owners

Since your website’s “About Us page” usually acts as an introduction. It is safe to say that it is a pretty important thing to get right. A successful “About Us page” isn’t only packed full of useful and interesting information about you, your team,

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Since your website’s “About Us page” usually acts as an introduction. It is safe to say that it is a pretty important thing to get right.

A successful “About Us page” isn’t only packed full of useful and interesting information about you, your team, and your brand. However, it should also demonstrate what your label is as a whole, both stylistically and in terms of personality.

This might sound like a harsh task, but there is a lot of smart,  exciting, simple ways that you can approach this task, while still maintaining a consistent, clean, and stylish design.

So, without further discussion, let’s have a look at eight unique and engaging “About Us page” ideas, examples and explore what makes them unique.

1. A Sharp Palette and Striking Colors

The design for Rook keeps things very sharp and super simple by using clean sharps and strict color palette. Their signature gold shade is used throughout the design simply and effectively, by carrying it from the logo to the imagery, and through to the type.

Consider running a monochromatic filter over some of your photographs. This will provide you with a tighter hold on the colors utilized in your About Us page and help to keep your palette strong and small, giving you an opportunity to make use of your signature brand colors.

2. Hand Crafted Type and Simple Photographs

“About Us” page for Madebyband takes a different strategy but still manages to instantly communicate the brand’s personality via some handcrafted type and dispersal of simple accompanying images. The use of handwritten type adds a different personal touch to the page design, and the clean, simple imagery and presence of white space help to balance everything out.

So, whether it is through custom type or a few personal images. Try to find a way to interject your brand’s personality into your “About Us” page.

3. Playful Illustrations and Vibrant Palette





















A common metaphor in “About Us” page designs is to use photographs of your team and location. However, why not think to take a leaf from Pulp Fingers’ book and use illustrations instead? This design uses a vibrant three-tone color palette and some sharp. Stylish illustrations to create a different and engaging “About Us” page that is just as playful as it is informative.

Think to put the camera away and to pick up the pencil instead, as illustrated designs can add a fun, fresh, and engaging atmosphere to your “About Us” page design. Pair that illustration with an effective, branded color palette and you are ready to go.

4. Sophisticated Team Photos and Clean Typesetting

Another idea of “About Us” pages is to have unique portraits of your team, but why not consider getting the whole team together and taking one collective group photo?




















This “About Us” page for Jam3 does just that by using a large, modern photo of their team as the first focal point. This shot is beautifully balanced by a simple and clean layout and correctly set type, all of which combines to form an indisputably sophisticated and elegant “About Us” page.

A quick word of advice: if you do prefer to go down the street of one group photo, do be sure to take into consideration that usually people may go and come from your team over time, which will demand your photo to be updated more frequently. But if this isn’t a problem, then go ahead!


5. Bold Type and Animated Imagery

Want future customers, employees, and colleagues to know exactly where your brand’s benefits lie? Why not put them in bold white and black print, just as Purple, Rock, Scissors have done.

Another very cool thing Purple, Rock, Scissors’ “About Us” page has going for it is their animated header image which brings the workplace images to life. A good suggestion for us to always keep an eye out for new ways to engage with your audience through web tools and design.

6. Two Color Palette and Bold Illustrations

A perfect way to keep your “About Us” page unique and connecting is to be strict about your color palette. As this “About Us” page design by Mike Kus has done. By only using two colors – a foreground and a background – this page becomes heavily striking and stylized. Pair that two-tone color palette with some bold illustrations and type and you have yourself one engaging and effective page design.

Do be assured to choose colors that have a moderately high contrast if you wish to use a two-color palette, as you need your foreground elements to stand out against your background to keep things clear.

For more tricks and tips that will have you mastering color in no time at all, be sure to check out these ten color inspiration secrets only designers know about.

7. Illustrated Imagery and a Warm Vibe

Do you have an incredible team behind the scenes? Shed a little limelight on them, just as Food Studio has done. An exciting thing that Food Studio has done, though, is they have executed their employee profiles in simple watercolor illustrations that feed into the playful and warm vibe of the rest of the page.

Create an atmosphere and theme for your “About Us” page that matches the rest of your branding and site, and then try your best to shape every element in a way that complements that – whether that means using stylish, sleek photos of your team members, or funny watercolor illustrations.

8. Clean Graphics and Sharp Lines






















This design for website building tool Wix is properly stylish and effective. The light imagery, clean shapes, plentiful white space, and proper typesetting all come together to form professional design. And a sleek that perfectly frames their purpose statements and simple company timeline.  

This is one more example that shows how crucial white space can be. Note how the content is placed centrally on the page, bound between two wide borders with plenty of white space to balance the design and keep it looking professional.