Whether you are own a business website or launching a website, continuously adding content and blog to your website is good for SEO as well as your audience. Instead of traditional marketing, such as advertising and cold calling, where you go to your

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Whether you are own a business website or launching a website, continuously adding content and blog to your website is good for SEO as well as your audience. Instead of traditional marketing, such as advertising and cold calling, where you go to your audience, the point of content marketing, is to have your audience come to you. The success of your website depends significantly on its content. This content includes the text of website pages, product and service descriptions, company information pages, videos, photos and blog posts.

Here are the 8 concrete reasons why your website should have unique content.





















1. Engaging Your Audience

The audience expects a business to be active, alive and worthy. Be active by publishing content on a continuous basis, be alive by giving them the latest updates and addressing their needs. Enjoyable, refreshing, and genuine content will engage audiences and develop relationships with your customers. With the sincere and genuine approach, your followers will advertise your website instead of you on the internet. Create unique content that is relevant and useful to your targeted audience. This will make them comment, like and share your valuable piece which is also an update on your site. In short, try and be as interactive and interesting as you can when you create content. It all comes back to engagement! The secret is to know what your audience wants and then give it to them.



High-quality website content is valuable because it’s precisely the type of content that deserves sharing. People usually share types of contents that they find informing, appealing, entertaining, provocative, cultural, or insightful. With the continuous growth of social media and the rise in mobile browsing, social sharing is a significant contributor to making your brand visible online. This is true for small businesses all the way up to large enterprise organizations. The types of content that are readily shared are growing and evolving. Shareable content might include text-based content to platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Video and audio content can be shared on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Vines and other social platforms.


For your content to be effective, first people need to find it. You may be a talented writer, but the greatest content in the world is not going to help your business unless it can be discovered. Your website is a living, breathing existence on the internet. Every update you make to your website once it is “live” on the internet plays an important role in communication with customers. However, an inactive website without any kind of updates may be concluded by search engines as a “dead” entity – with no life and nothing new to contribute.

Well written, quality content makes use of a relevant keyword, inbound links, and other elements of search engine optimization to make your site more visible on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The more regularly you update your blogs and web pages, the more you will grab search engine’s attention. When search engines check out your website more often, there are good chances that your website may achieve higher rankings totally based on the content you publish. The unique articles or blog posts with an original content rank higher in search results.

4. High-Quality Website Content Enhances Usability

Website usability is a broad term that applies to different features of a website’s performance. Usability can range from the navigation of your site to the ease of use for visitors, to the accessibility of your content and to the interconnection between relevant parts of content. A responsive website gives a better user experience and more satisfied visitors. How many times have you visited a website and left in frustration after clicking and clicking and still not finding the information you were?

A website with guiding content and well-designed internal linking can avoid that. Internal linking is the method of using clickable links to connect relevant pieces of content within a website.
Internal linking to your different pieces of content can make your significant content easier to discover. For example, your website has a page for a specific product and you also have a well-written blog post about some aspects of that product. By combining links from the product page to the blog article and from the blog article to the product page the website visitor will more easily find relevant content.



Search engines today try their hardest to give their users a better experience. They try to obtain it with search engine optimization which values unique and fresh content more. However, many of the reach engine results are just the copies of each other with no difference. They are going to drown in the ocean of websites. If you want to swim and see the bright shining, you should treasure the content of your website. Having one of a kind content places you higher among search engine rankings and this means more traffic as we wanted in the first place.



One of the factors that affect the rank of your site is the links from other websites to yours. The more links to your website, the higher your rank is. Having links to your website is not easy as it seems. However, you don’t need to worry. having a unique content is your savior inside this black sea of websites. Once you create your own recipe with your own selection of ingredients, it’s easy to have links directed to your pages with a little marketing.effort. If you have unique content, your chance of being shared increases. People will refer to your content, so this will be a huge plus for your credibility. The other websites’ visitors will see these links hence traffic to your site will increase proportionally which is again a good sign for website’s rank.



All in all that is the whole point. Doing shameless self-promotion to generate more sales. Helpful and inspiring content can serve as the motivation for the customer to revisit your site in the near future. And This can lead to increased sales over time. If you create hotshot content for your service, you win the consumer’s heart. Thus, they’ll visit more and recommend to their friends because your content stands out from all the others and grabbed the consumer’s interest. This will increase your sales while giving you more credibility and respect. Well, you got the money, credibility and the respect of consumers, what else you can ask for. In addition to all that, you will represent yourself better than all those copied content users. With original content specifically created for your products, you will win the market.

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