8 publicity techniques for your brand.

Getting free publicity for your brand is useful. It can help you to expand your reach. When running a business, it may be difficult on focusing on exposure when your central concern is running the business itself. Once you are in a comfortable state,

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Getting free publicity for your brand is useful. It can help you to expand your reach. When running a business, it may be difficult on focusing on exposure when your central concern is running the business itself. Once you are in a comfortable state, it is time to invest time in expanding and getting noticed. Publicity for business is extremely valuable in establishing credibility and awareness for your brand.

Media coverage is a benefit for any business – when your profile goes up, your sales also do. However, marketing campaigns can be costly. Free publicity is an excellent way to increase the profile of your business. In a world of “viral” marketing and social media, what other options are out there? Below there are eight ways to get free publicity for your brand, which will ultimately help you get noticed.


Have a goal

First of all, things that you should do is list down all of your business goals. Determine what you want to achieve for your business through the publicity plan that you want to put into action?

Once you created a list of goals, make sure to list down at least five of your most important ones. When it comes to prioritizing, be specific and ensure to give yourself deadlines for these objectives. Publicity for a brand is not about luck, it is about investing in a good PR program, and it will pay off over time. Draft up a mission statement–what sort of content will resonate with your audience and the desired outcome–and get cracking.

Develop your content and get creative

Every day journalists are attacked with press releases promoting new product releases, business alliances, research discoveries, etc. However, journalists don’t just make announcements — they need to tell compelling stories that their readers will find interesting and useful.

The key to success is to create newsworthy stories. They should be creative, relevant, timely, and offer new information or insight to your prospects. At the very least include news releases on your website and homepage; it helps in search engine rankings and shows what you’ve been doing.

Outreach newspapers and magazines


















Traditionally firms aim to get media coverage by sending press releases to newspapers and magazines hoping that journalists would post them. Journalists write about something that is newsworthy, mainly if it will appeal to their readers. If it is connected with famous people or places, controversial or amusing, you are more likely to get the coverage you want.

Journalists always look for exciting things to write about, and many stories come directly from press releases. You don’t need to be a professional PR agency to get press coverage. You can write your press releases and email them to relevant journalists and editors at publications of your target.


 “Expert” quotes in a story written by a journalist or a blogger

Another way to get free publicity is writing articles about influencers in your market. When you let influencers know you publicized them as top in their industry, they are usually happy to promote your posts on their blogs. Identify bloggers who cover subjects that are relevant to your company. Reach out when you identify a potential journalist or blogger who may want to quote an expert from your company. Be sure to prepare support materials and a short pitch.

Editors, reporters, and bloggers always look for stories. Benefit from events or create events that they will find newsworthy. They are busy people, and they may not have time to discover your story themselves. Give the newspaper’s editor a call, or send the appropriate blogger a press release. Make sure that you give enough time if your story is relevant to a particular date or time frame.

Promote your content

Creating great content is an excellent way to expand your brand presence, but it won`t produce results if nobody can find it. If you want people to know who you are, the best way to do that is to create and share great content. It could consist of blog posts, YouTube videos, or press releases; it could offer anything from entertainment to education.

Platforms like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads are valuable tools for content promotion. They allow you to reach a large, highly targeted audience of people who are likely to respond positively to your brand. So you can promote your content to a particular audience, limiting your reach to the people who are most likely to get interested in your content.


Self-authored stories published on websites

You can write articles and guest posts to feature on other websites; however, you have to write compelling and engaging content if you want it to be featured on other websites. You can start off by offering guest posts to your business partners and then expand into finding other relevant websites.

Moreover, by posting guest posts on such websites that are related to your niche, you would be able to make your website famous and get traffic on it. In the area for the information on the writer’s profile, you can give details about your services and your website.

A great way to attract visitors and customers to your company or website is by creating a blog. You can use the blog to give your business exposure. Then you can also promote your products and services through blog posts and publicize your business.

Be active on social media
















Use social media for free PR. Social media is an excellent way to establish relationships with your customers and encourage word-of-mouth publicity. With the help of the social networks, you are able to get free publicity for your business. Good stories can be incredibly “viral” when you distribute them on the social media.

You can spread the word by making a page, joining groups or creating your group and inviting people to connect quickly. Keep updating sections on your website so that people will stick around.

Do something good for the community

Many businesses generate free publicity by sponsoring charity events or contributing to non-profit organizations in their communities, offering the public free seminars or giving demonstrations. If you have the appropriate facilities, these activities can be a fabulous way of getting your business featured in the newspapers or online.

Whether you hold a fundraiser or contribute to a charity, it is a noble way of giving back to the community and getting free publicity at the same time. Media usually cover significant charity events, and your involvement can also be highlighted. You can always hold your fundraisers, whether it is in a shop or an office. Consider sending a press release to emphasize how much you raised for a particular charity.