8 Effective Uses of Video Marketing

A custom video is an excellent tool to help companies and brands accomplish their both short and long-term business goals. Whether your aim is to drive traffic, educate a potential or current customer, or share a glowing testimonial, a video is one

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A custom video is an excellent tool to help companies and brands accomplish their both short and long-term business goals. Whether your aim is to drive traffic, educate a  potential or current customer, or share a glowing testimonial, a video is one of the fastest and most engaging ways you can possibly interact with your customers, short of a face-to-face conversation.

Below we shared a few of the most popular video marketing types to give you a sense of this format’s versatility.

 1. Product videos

Product-centric videos concentrate on an innovative new product soon debuting or just released, where you have the keen ability to “show and tell.” Use a product video to explain your complex product in a simplified way that builds enthusiasm, demonstrates how the item works and highlights the benefits. Carry through with an overall theme of how your product intends to make the customers’ lives better. Inspire viewers by creating a picture of a particular lifestyle and showing how your product can serve as the perfect accessory.

 2. Corporate videos

Tell your new staff, partners, customers or investors who you are with a video that elevates your company’s purpose and vision. Use graphics, voice-over or on-camera talent to explain what your company does, why you are different and what makes you great. Use your company’s profile video on your website’s homepage, so that users can quickly understand your brand, your vision and how you can help them. A corporate video can also be used to recruit the best talent on LinkedIn or other social network platforms, and to motivate investors and allies to seek you out.

3. TV commercials




















Whether national or local, television is still king when it comes to getting a message out to the masses. Even in a short, 30-second spot, there is a lot of room to experiment with and establish the creative expression of your brand – use a “slice of life” scene format, a problem-solution approach, an informative spokesperson, etc., while presenting a well-crafted image. Use targeted local advertisements to reach your loyal local customers, or national ads to grow your brand. If your spot is strong enough and supported with a smart media buy, it could put your company or product on the map.

4. App videos

With an influx of application options hitting the iPhone and Android app stores on a daily basis, the field is extremely competitive. Separate your company from the crowd with an app video that displays its standout features and recruits potential users, even before the app hits the market.

Because app customers are hesitant to download an app without fully knowing how it works and what it does, a quick app video can go further to reveal all the details to an interested party.  Make your audience excited and show off the key features which make your app unique to drive downloads.

With an app commercial, it is always helpful to have the commercial speak for itself visually without needing any voice-over or narration. 

5. Explainer animation videos

Have something complex or new that needs to be explained? There is not a better way to get your message across than with a visually powerful animated explainer video. Create actors, locations, and props that are difficult or even impossible in the real world by using the power of animation. With the combination of captivating graphics and audio voiceover, you can demystify complex or multi-faceted topics much quicker than in a regular narrated video. An explainer video can reflect your personality and make your web site’s visitors feel they haven’t come to a virtual equivalent of an empty shop.

6. Website videos

Whether you are offering a product or service, a video posted on your website is the fastest way for a customer to understand precisely what you are offering. For e-commerce brands, a fun web video can give the customer an accurate and intriguing glimpse of your product that she would not usually be privy to without visiting a store. With a video living on your website, users will stay longer and interact more with your content. And as we all know, the longer the viewers stay on your site, the higher your conversion rate will be!




















Website videos have one purpose, and that is to quickly explain to a visitor what kind of service or product you are providing.

7. How-to videos

Become a thought leader in your industry by creating easy-to-follow and fun instructional videos. How-to videos are typically searched by people in the industry and can often be found organically. Explain how to use your product best, and promote ease-of-use, to increase customer satisfaction. Quickly explain the optimal way to interact with your business to set expectations high and raise current and future customers’ (and potential partners’) understanding of the ins and outs of working with your team.

8. Testimonial videos

Seldom the best way to convince customers to purchase your service or product is to show off the happy customers you already have: Hearing a testimonial can be that final touch that closes a deal. Show off the aspects or features of your company or service which your customers love the most. Consumers tend to trust a testimonial more than a traditional video as it comes from a third party and feels more objective. So testimonials should bring an authentic voice to the customer experience.