10 Growing trends to push your business forward

In 2018, you need a marketing and sale plan that makes the best use of marketing trends to drive revenue and create more visibility. We have identified ten significant growing trends that should get your focus in 2018. The companies that are

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In 2018, you need a marketing and sale plan that makes the best use of marketing trends to drive revenue and create more visibility. We have identified ten significant growing trends that should get your focus in 2018. The companies that are practicing best take benefits of these growing trends, and getting a huge step forward over their competitors.

1. Entrepreneurs everywhere

2018 will accompany by dramatic growth in people taking the attempt towards being business owners. This phenomenon will be driven by the increase in generation Y in the workforce, along with a global shift towards contract work against full-time employees. As barriers to entry become less and less traditional, would-be employees will look to leverage their abilities and time by launching their businesses.

2. Video continues to rule

You might not be Live on Facebook yet, but you apparently should be! Recent data from Facebook shows that people are ten times more likely to comment on a Facebook Live video than otherwise.

Even if Facebook Live doesn’t work for your business, including video into your marketing is essential. Consider that 45 percent of people watch more than an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos each week, on average.

Now, keep in mind that there’re over 2-3 billion active Facebook users around the globe. A little bit of number crunching reveals that about 1 billion people watch one hour of video in a week. That is a large embedded audience to explore.

Video holds more communicates messages and much more attention than text or still images alone. By realizing this, small companies have been using video and finding huge returns. Whether as a type of content or a paid advertisement, video drives significant amounts of engagement.

Research from Wyzowl indicates that 79 % of users surveyed and they would choose to watch a video to learn about a new product then read about it.

3. Facebook advertising to reach prospects

Facebook advertisements have become quite complicated in the past couple of years. They are finally at a point where even marketers for small companies can target effectively while gaining valuable audience attention.

Facebook has 2 billion active daily users, and they made $7.6 billion in advertising revenue in Q1 of 2018 alone. So, you know for sure that audiences are there and that others are in the game.

Without your own Facebook advertisement presence, your competitors are staying in front of your clients when you are not looking.

The average cost-per-click on Facebook is just $1.72. It is a cost-effective way to reach your prospects where they spend their time.

You can put your message about your company in front of high-value prospects, even among particular demographics.

When you combine video and Facebook advertisement, you start to multiply the impact. Recent data highlight the fact that social video generates 1200 percent more shares than images and text combined.

Using paid media and specifically, Facebook advertisement has quickly become a must to increase your brand and product messages to your client and prospects. Even if your advertisement isn’t runaway viral advertisement, it can still likely generate more engagement, likes, and awareness for your brand online. 

4. Instagram & Influencers drive engagement

When it comes to regular engagement, Instagram is the most productive social channel out there. That is the result of a study done by Yopto, which found the engagement rate on Instagram to be 45 percent greater than on Facebook and 40 percent higher than Twitter.

What exactly does ‘engagement’ mean? It means the following: over 75 percent of users will take action on a commercial posted in their feed.

The point here is to let your clients do the posting as much as you do. The same Yopto study discovered that 77 percent of people are more influenced by user-generated photos of a product rather than professional images.

Crowdsource your content by asking loyal clients for pictures of them using your product. People appreciate the attention, and you save on professional photography, so it is a win for all.

Another essential thing to know about Instagram is how vital Instagram Influencers are.

“Influencers” refers to people with lots of followers and hordes of engagement from fans. There’re all types of influencers, including subject matter experts who post videos and photos related to their expertise.

5. Solo acts

Single employee companies will see dramatic growth. Famous websites like eBay, Etsy, Fiverr, etc. have created global marketplaces for solo entrepreneurs. It has never been easy to start an online business from the comfort of your living room. This also presents dual income possibilities thereby not limiting income generation to traditional 9-5 parameters. Coffee shops are the new workplaces.

6. Microtrends

As the compound increase of information takes full effect, it will become significant to monitor for micro-trends. Disruption and innovation are providing macro trends obsolete before they have had time to take full effect. Focus on growing trends that run parallel to your industry, as the ripple of disruption traverse sectors, and everything we used to put in boxes.

7. Every SME an SME

Small and medium-sized companies will have to become Subject Matter Experts in order to grow. As the competition increases, generalists will fall by the wayside, and the winners will be those who are the leaders in their field. Find the niche within your niche to ensure long terms of profitability and growth.

8. Go for gold by going green

Customers will require greater environmental responsibility from their chosen supplier. This goes beyond LED lights, not printing emails, and recycling. Companies will require a proof that their very existence has a positive effect on customers, society, and competitors.

9. Disruption will become normal

Disruption will continue to command headlines in 2018. Entrepreneurs will have to concentrate on staying fresh, open-minded and innovative. Chaos creates opportunity if you are willing to increase uncertainty.

10. We-Commerce

Collaborative business will reduce costs through shared infrastructures and collapse business cycle. Lean thinking will remain to drive the growth of “e-commerce,” as we stock everything from customers to creativity.